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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Lost-Inner-Circle(4:22)

Lyrics: Survival Ov The Fittest

Feeling sharp enemy's eyes
look the world through a bloodshot eyes
dried lips and a false smile
is it really your face

Dog eat dog life
feel the shouldered pain
can't hide fallen desire
dirty foulness becoming life

Nobody knows your truth
is this just real life?
changing into a figure
do you wish to resemble?

What do you take - it feels like pain
what do you get - trick yourself
what do you think - shedin tears
what do you mean - chaos

Look at the enemy - what do you want
kill the enemy - save yourself

Losing ourselves, for destiny..
pain in the darkness brutal life comse along..!

Endless desire becomes your power
the truth is waste
all the story can't be heard
it exist alone in this world

Fuard your enemy all around
the fear disappears
a process is no need for mercy
that's only win
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