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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Stained With Blood(5:02)

Lyrics: Stained With Blood

Reckless anger
engraving their heart
Emerges stronger in flame
until it paints the color of thirst

Filthy desires feeding thee
No need for mercy
For pain crawls deeper
and sorrow no more breaths world

What you want is so tragedy
all shattered cruel world
what you want is just tragedy
remain chill brother's dead body
Stained with blood...

Beyond the burning massacre
which sees no end
the world still cries
Wounded from this everlasting war

We're dream...
search for the vanishing hope
When no soul is left
the world would know
deep pain, sorrow
When every spirit feels
our hate will blunt

Don't search for pain
nor detest humanity
just hate, the world
ruled by power
in contradictions

Darkness awaits
their children
Which dream shall follow?

stained with blood...
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