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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Lost-Inner-Circle(5:46)

Lyrics: Lost-Inner-Circle

Boldly and fearlessly
Days of struggle.
Burn my consistence will
Smeared by intense pain and despair

Watch my absence comrade
Alone with bitter smile
Continually unwanted situation
Slowly I lose my inner circle

Betrayed and suggered an affront
Times of dejection,
To persecute, eradicate, extirpate
Ruined my wrathful memories

Fade away like nothingness?
go back nonexistence?

Pepare! my enemy of reality
destroy all matters of my surrounding

Beyond fear of death, in eternal exist.
keep unchanged mind, to the last.
by awakening I feel more then strong
the beginning of endless march
with new comrade
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