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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Halfnation Of Sorrow(6:05)

Lyrics: Halfnation Of Sorrow

Without power stopped the train
not any more go to teh land
a racial blood vein cut off
the idea dispute;s end
can't return to teh past
deep sad racial tragedy
despotism government's consist
no promise waiting

Where is lost brother?
do you lose tears by pain
wrinkled in old mother's face
she is fill with misery
half nation of sorrow

Only communism in the world
dreaming a red unity
the poor life became beggars
diseased persons go to the death
old true line is over
stretching one's arm can reach
leaving for country's misery
could not just sleep souls

When could it come back?
being homesick my country
when could we meet?
separate my brother
all the memory remains teh apin
forever, never gorgotten racial hurt
beyond a ture line shouting old man's scream
in cold-hearted reality, disappear all alone...

Keeping for five thou!sand years
disappearing one spirit
getting hurt because of division
a differnt idea's wall
for the lat emperor
to keep false nation
taking gun to each other
on bloody silence..
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