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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Lost-Catastrophical-Inhumanity(3:25)

Lyrics: Catastrophical-Inhumanity

Why I'm here and what is the meaning of my existence?
what are we looking for...
chaos stricks my dull head..
gloomy reality, even though I'm smiling
my mind still bleeds in tears.

Love? What fucking love? only ego,
greed and hypocrisy..
people in masks, people of lie...
I can't stand this, and can't hide from
my innerself...

Live was so expendable,
I'm not a replica..
breaking the circle of fool...

In the world painted by abnormality,
we are dying slowly
without any resistance.

Our subconscious is slaughtered and
controled by meaningless habit.
we are all brainwashed by the system...
never to know...
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