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Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands:   Method

Survival ov the Fittest – Coldest Fear(4:44)

Lyrics: Coldest Fear

To the end of filthy life
death is in your hand
wrong or right is no need
anymore anyhow

I have nothing to loose
nothing to say
keep lacerate me more
yes, this way

Killing me, killing me
let me die. a flawless
grinning, grinning
disgusting smile

The act of distorting
so preposterous
but can't ignore
in deep distress

Nothing but coldest fear
this is so insane
the wages of sin is death
then what's my sin

Extreme mental Distress
Unbearable physical pain

Nausea about your rotten pleasure
'Hence, leave me from this pit of hell... or kill me'

To the fucking end of filthy life!

Rights fucked up in the inside
this hideous process
raw vision, raw vision, I can't accept

Lies behind dark place
no humanity or sympathy
this torture, endless torture, I can't stand
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