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survival ov the fittest cover

Survival Ov The Fittest

Genres: Heavy Metal
Bands: Method

Method 1st Album –┬áSurvival Ov The Fittest
Released 2006-02-16
Labels Aeon Artworx
Studio Full-length
Length 49:56

1. Breakdown The World
2. Enlighten By The Annihilation
3. Unspeakable Pain
4. Psycho Paradise
5. Lost Inner Circle
6. Hideous Process
7. Survival Ov The Fittest
8. Coldest Fear
9. Stained With Blood
10. Catastrophenical Inhumanity
11. Half Nation Of Sorrow
12. D.N.R. (Testament cover)


Too much hard life
so far much make get tired
on the earth the world
what do you mean! myself?

one day, it have taken
in my mind that I wish
it was believing hardly
even my hope

To take my hope in unclear future
the world so much go bad
to live that world
they are so weak

How compromise can't admit
and how custom can't admit
tou have the right to changed world
we have duty to break down the world against us

The dark reality is getting mixed
even it can't recognize
they spit out in teh world
your wish is getting bigger

I need someone
this pain made crush
I need someone
the despair might crush

The pain and hate
days of despair
the pain and rage
days of despair
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